Reviews for "Story Time :D"


Now that was an interesting adaption of that story.


I really didn't expect a kid's story in newgrounds...keep up the good work! And congrats on the trophys...


Too bad it had to be of a kids story, I think it would have been cooler if it was a story you made yourself(But still with that childish feel). :) Still, it was great! But knowing newgrounds I was expecting something unusual to happen in the end, I mean, the ending was good either way, but it wasn't funny, it was just... there. Next time, do soemthing unpredictable! And since this was a project for a class, I am going to not take any points from the score away because I know how that is, being limited with your imagination and all.

Great job! keep it up, and grats on getting 2 trophies! I hope to see more by you.



Sad story...

Why did the Wolfos have to die?

I give you an 8 for the presentation, which was phenomenal, but you should have used an original story. Everyone's read or heard this before and it's simply nothing new.


Classy story with a tiwst (didn't know Wolfs can blow fine parts of a house away lika a huge door!! But not the roof! The Door!)

Cute little clikcety gadget :3