Reviews for "Story Time :D"

Cute, but...

The moral of the story isn't present; the first two pigs were lazy and built half-assed houses quick, but the third pig put effort into it and it paid off in the end.

Though I've never heard a version with the chimney before :D


love the vid wicked work.


I found myself singing it like I was in a bar telling the story. Wait, I am in a bar...shit.

Haha, that's not how I remember it!

Great video. :)

Nicely Done

The quality really really good, basic story (but you've stated it was an assignment, so I'm assuming you were limited to not editing the original story). The only reason I knocked a point off was because of the background music... its more of an irritant because it's been used to death.

Also it was nice so I didn't see a point in taking of a point, but the story book at the beginning makes you expect a different type of animation throughout... more Disney type animation.