Reviews for "Story Time :D"

looks good!

If this is u starting out then ul be able to make some quality flashes! not to say this isnt decent quality, but u get my point.

it k

good but the wolf drowned really

JamalMason responds:

yes thanks for just copying the guy below you. very useful -_-

it was ok

liked it but "drowned" ?

JamalMason responds:

I thought "was cooked to death" would be a bit much. plus I couldn't fit it in.


The only problem I had is that I personally have read this story 100 times in my life. I understand that it's targeted for children but and alternate story line would've been interesting.

Shame. I prefer wolves to pigs.

A very cute drawing style, and I like the way it doesn't just continue by itelf, so you can leave halfway through and not miss anything, although it's so short, that probably won't be necessary. And a nice idea, making it like a book, which should appeal to the children you're apparently aiming this at. I really liked this, even if I am against the whole 'prejudice against wolves in childrens stories' thing.