Reviews for "Story Time :D"

But the wolf was smart

and he climbed down the chimney,
but he fell into a pot of boiling water... THE END! :D:D:D:D

sometimes I forget how cruel old fairytales can be...

just like the witch who was thrown in the oven.

if there is one thing which fairytales promoted, then it was violence. LOL
and then people say that television's bad...

Pretty nifty

I liked it a lot. It was cute, fun, and slightly inteactive. You did a good job. By the way, what was your grade?

JamalMason responds:

I dunno yet, still haven't got the results back.


cute drawings with simple yet smooth animation. story was little different from what i remember but good job still C:


he probably ate the wolf, so technically speaking he ate his little brothers that were inside the wolf
but overall well done


Well I bet you got an A+ because that was above and beyond the call academically. On newgrounds you get an 8 though, sorry bud.