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This was such a big project for me. I came up with the idea of making this movie back in 2010 during July, and I just couldnt wait any longer to direct and animate this hole thing. Four months passed by and lots of effort where put to bring this story to life. This time I coun't with the talented voices of Christopher Niosi, and Jessi Nowack both acting as Chase and April respectively. And I must say it was great working with them, the result is really impresive, and thats why I thank them so much for helping me.

My Idea was not to make the typical romantic movie. So dont expect that here :). There will be major twists in the story.

Anyway, I really hope you like this movie!.

If the animation lags, turn down quality using right click! :)

Thanks for watching!

EDIT: Laggy sequences fixed.

youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ3ZVWJqVhg

Thank you verry much for the Daily 3rd place and the frontpage! :D

I love your support!

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lol i love how in psyopath's comment all the author says is 'yes' lol

keepwalking responds:

yes ^^

Story is decent, but I wouldn't write home about it. If I'm being 100% honest, I'll say it feels pretentious.

Art assets are good. Sometimes it's on the lacking end but not often. However, in terms of colors this is boring.

Animation is... weak. All I have to say about it. I'm not going to spend an entire review ranting at you about it, but the dude has some merit.

All in all it's decent. Above average, but I probably won't watch it again.

Psychopath you're a bitch boy.

Hey guys, I've got a great idea, let's bomb this open field where no one lives! There's nothing here so that makes it a great target to waste our precious resources on! It's not like we're fighting an uphill battle against the whole fucking world after all! We're evil so that makes us nonsensical! You do know that they never bombed civilian targets until the Battle of Britain, right?

The background assets are decent but they're not on par with say, Adam Philips. The animation, on the other hand, is horrible. I once critiqued a walking animation made by a contributor to the Edd's World movie and the review prompted him to take it down, this was beneath that by a milestone.

Your walking animations are overtly simplistic and terribly executed as I can plainly tell that in the opening animation sequence of the two characters walking up the hill there's only four frames of actual animation padded out to about twelve frames and among those four core frames the most detailed and accurate the animation gets to the actual act of walking is that he puts one knee forward, then a default standing position if you consider having both legs extend out behind you at once a normal standing position and then the other knee forward which uses the same art assets as the first frame with the small modification of erasing the conflicting outlines of one leg over the other. This means that neither character is truly walking any more so than they are just swimming in a vertical position through the air as they're not actually walking on the terrain but more or less just kicking backward.

Their bodies don't move up and down as they walk despite those odd support appendages the normals call "legs" moving out from under them and coming back to the central body of mass again, in fact their bodies move up as their legs move away so it's even worse. Furthermore, since they're being tweened across the stage that means they're never truly making contact with the ground as the animation in the movie clip symbol isn't connected with the pace of the motion tweening of the background, foreground and the forward movement of the movie clip containing that very walk cycle. Their legs are kicking faster than the progress they're making up the hill.

Even when they're framed so that you can't see their whole bodies, the walking cycle doesn't make any sense; the guy is bobbing forward and pulling back while the girl in the back just bobs forward and leaps back to the first frame of her animation. Even when you have forced perspective and hidden body parts on your side, you still failed to convince me that they were legitimately walking forward.

My suspicion that they're simply swimming forward by kicking their way through the air is completely confirmed when you get a back shot of the two running toward the cliff past the tree. This time you didn't fuck up the sequence of how the body should descend and reascend during the walk cycle because you didn't even bother trying that time, their upper bodies remain at the same Y axis as their legs kick back but never thrust forward.

I swear to Christ you almost pulled it off during the next shot where the perspective is set to their front and their lower bodies are hidden behind a hill because the animation and art is so simplistic it almost works... but then you show their legs once more and I swear they don't even touch the ground anymore, the man's shins are now stubs as the man lacks any feet to speak of and his right leg only extends a little bit to the ground before leaping back up.

Oh boy, now we get to see them talk with recycled mouth movements as their clothes blow so "violently" in the wind contrasted by the static grass in the background and-- oh my God, the features on their faces move freely across their faces but their heads never physically turn because effort is for amateurs. I didn't know one's eyes weren't directly connected to ones face, it's bad enough that you recycle the same three frames for mouth movements but you didn't do it to save your energy for bigger and better shit, you simply just suck.

By the way, the smoke animations are terrible. Take example from the author NEXTVIEW-designs that smoke is supposed to be smooth and freely expanding, not a laggy sequence of reused frames because you're too stupid or too monumentally lazy to even try to use the onion tool in Flash. They're also not meant to maintain the same shape as they tween to get bigger.

I'm honestly shocked by the way that the only time you get a walking animation right is when the perspective is set on the man's feet and nothing else. Not that it saves this movie, even a broken clock is always right twice a day.

By the way, the only way I'm honestly able to believe that you fucked up putting blood on a person's face is that you fucked up everything else so Goddamn hard.

I especially love how neither character knows that there's a war going on, one that has been in the works for decades. When you hear air plane blades spinning in the distance, one might consider the idea that they're fucking air planes.

By the way, I like how we only know the character's names through the fucking description box. Chase only says April's name at the end. That is HORRIBLE writing. It's like I'm watching Evil Land all over again as this is yet another example of unwarranted popularity from a bloated author.

keepwalking responds:


Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2011
12:44 PM EST