Reviews for "Luminiscense"


But when I saw those planes, I went like o snap.

I love it its so crisp and well done. And good music too.

Great scenery!

The backgrounds were very very well done, I could tell you spent a lot of effort creating this. The movie itself was rather well done too, though my only complaint is that you seemed to spend more time/detail on the backgrounds than the actual people the set was focused on. It made the characters seem like a second priority.

But that's a very very small complaint, and I'm just nitpicking an otherwise outstanding piece of work.

I can't wait for the next one.

Really sad story. I enjoyed watching it and I hope the next one comes out soon as I want to know what's going to happen. The background was really good, but the animation of the characters was a bit bad. For example when you see Chase bleeding it lies on top of his hair when it flows over it. But nothing that ruins the animation. I was really surprised when they dropped the bombs and I thought it was an interesting story plot. Kirbopher and Nowacking did great jobs as voice actors, even though I didn't get to hear them as much as I hoped to. Great choice of music as well, really went well with the animation and set a perfect mood for what was going on in my opinion. Very well directed movie and I really hope the next part comes out soon as I'm really eager to figure out what happened. A very sad story that really captured me. Great job.

Great animation.

It was pretty tense, A sad movie. But a good one.

realy great work

this thing is realy great work nice animation and sound everythings just realy awesome