Reviews for "Luminiscense"


i dident see that coming... and i find that really sad... but that is the price of idiots having their wars

As soon as i saw FRANCE 1940...

... i was thinking something sad was about to happen. later, i cryed a little. its really touching and sad at the same time. (another reson why i hate people...)
i loved it ALL the way. cant even call it epic.. its just... emotional... beautiful. ;D


War is evil.. no mater that the Germans bomb the field.. on every side it gave people like that. Like in Hiroshima.. there, it was a sunny, wonderfull day.. until the bomb fall and destroyed everything.

The Video is very good^^ but a little bit unlogical.. like: Why the germans are bombing a field?

this is why i hate you mortals...

Always you ruin what you hunger for... and for what? land? money? JUST THE PLEASURE OF CREATING FEAR AND GAINING POWER ABOVE ALL ELSE!?!? WHY MUST YOU KILL ONE ANOTHER???!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!????!!!!!
!! There are to few exceptions in this world for it to go on much longer and all of you know it...

anyway, love the vid! keep up the good work!

Very Good

The animation was smooth and must have took a lot longer than about 6 or 7 months. Very good.