Reviews for "Luminiscense"

Leaves me wanting more

I am greatly impressed by this, I hope this will continue the movie, All I think is that you try to be fairly accurate in terms of history, but not too much as it limits the range of the story. I hope to see the next part in the future


I like how this video show's how humans will burn away live's in the way that has happened for thousands of years and they had so much to live for. If we didn't have the inborn sense burrowed into our very soul, to feel the blood of our enemies, many of humanity's problum's would never have come to pass.....


This video is Beautiful and touching at the same time and very sad, because this is what war does to loved ones and the Earth

Late to the review party...

Simply the best video I have ever seen on this site. The "There She Is" videos (as much as I hold them near and dear to me) pale in comparison. Humanity incarnate, if there was such a thing.

I am now speechless...... .. .. .


I can't think of words other than outstanding or breathtaking when I try and sum this flash up in a review. It portrayed the thrill of being with a loved one, the beauty of nature, the terror of war, and the agony of losing a loved one. The characters, especially April, looked pretty, and the backgrounds were awesome, to the extent of the word. The story was sweet and captivating. Luminiscense, in a nutshell, is amazing.