Reviews for "Luminiscense"


God fucking damn wars and bombs... This is why I hate humans... most of them are stupid!


They did it to cripple the farming community and destroy the crops.
What I don't get, is how does she get hit by a bomb, but then her scarf lands on a stick?! How does that work out?

loved it

not mutch to say, loved the style, voices and story.
b-but... did hte germans just bomb a field?? why?? i know they were "dumb" but to bomb a field?? doesn't make mutch sence :)

Not bad

Good scenery. Solid story. But the animation was a bit choppy. Room for improvement, but overall a great animation.

Well done

The backgrounds and enviorment was beatifuly done, if not a tad simplistic, the sepia colors and muted details rendered this piece in a timeless, romantic feel.
It was smoothly animated, and I can tell you put time and effort into this.

However, I had a few problems with it...
Like, the facial expressions were kind of...dull. A bit too simplistic to portray the emmotions the characters were expressing.
Also...his arm..when he was running?
Who the heck runs like that?
haha, but other than that, great job! I cant wait to see how you progress in your work!
<3 Spawn