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Reviews for "Luminiscense"

Really nice

Yea germans loved to drop bombs on big fields of NOTHING lol XD Very nice animation, good voice acting and a really cool art style :D


Should've been the daily feature

Despite the unrealistic bombing, despite the simple environments, despite everything, this flash done what others haven't - it pulled me into the story.

It's perfect.


One of the most poiniant pieces of fantastic flash animation I have ever seen. TY for showing what war is really like for the average person.


i was like hmmm where are they supposed to be at then when they were talking i was like umm... are you gonna kiss her but then the bombers came and it said france 1940 then im like awwww crap 1940 WWII when the germans bombed the hole entire area. Im so mad and sad because those stupid germans I also feel sorry for chase i mean that make me shoot myself. Good movie i love it it is so awesome cant wait to see number 2.

Definitely need 2 release part 2. Epic story with no flaws.