Reviews for "Luminiscense"

Amazing... simply amazing. It is definitely a downer and it brings you back to the "real world." The realities of war, are a tragedy no matter from which angle you view them.

Pretty good. I really love the animations, SFX and especially the music.

Although the storyline is pretty unclear and almost pooh poohed in some way.

Bombing empty field... err... not really realistic. Also even if they were seem to be aiming at those 2 I don't thing any pilot wanted to waste a dozen of bombs before reaching the 2. Senseless there.

It's a hit-and-miss type of animation. Keep upgrade your work better next time, then?

Whos Said its 1940 The WAR in our Timeline?
The point, at least it seams to me.
Is what Horror War Brings, How Much It Destroys Our World And The Meningless Of It All....

"WAR....What is it good For?......ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"

For a more complete experience, i think adding some elemental aspects like wind. to give the feeling that this is a living, breahting world.

a bit more "camera" shots from diffrent angles, and an hawk eye shoot. would give more overview, and might give more depth to your butifull world. maby see Bitey and rest of brackenwood`s vids.


Very well animated and good story, can't wait for the sequel!

very good animation

but a stupid story, nobody bombs empty fields
and there wasn't a war between germany and france at the 2WW
france gives up when the first german soldier arrives without fighting...
so all in all good animation with bad history knowleges..