Reviews for "Luminiscense"

amazing job dude

First off the animation in this flash is amazing and very fluid. I love the look and you should definately stick to it. I love how it started out as a simple treat and evolved into an emotional story with a great emotional ending. This will be a great series and I can't wait to see more eps. I can't believe this didn't get first place but it definitely deserves it.
P.s. They are bombing the field to declare war, this was the Nazi invasion of France I believe.

awesome but

plaines were bombing a field? wtf doesn't look logical enough, still amazing video ^^

awesome and new idea

that was awesome, awesome idea, awesome art work, and awesome scenerio but next one you should either A. let him become a soilder for france or B. let him get capture and escape.


GODDAMMIT NAZIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is worth making a review on!

perfect! sad yet lovely! i have no complains for the art, not my style but I'm ok with it lol, but the story is kinda corny. if his going to be a soldier in the next part then Lol! but still nice! tumbs up!