Reviews for "Luminiscense"

Simple draing but still very effective.
How about turning him into a hero of some sort?

Really good. There's only one thing that makes me a little puzzled... why would germans (I guess there were germans on that plane) have dropped bombs on the open countryside? I thought that during the Second World War air raids hit only strategic points, like important cities...

I loved it. I am certainly looking forward to the 2nd part. I thought the animation was good, the music was great & the backgrounds were awesome, as always. You do good work.
I appreciate being able to enjoy your movies & art. Thank you.

5/5 & added to favorites... *smiles*

I would love to see part 2. But I agree with Ahkihoun. The animation is a little choppy and I'm pretty sure you could fix it in part 2 but overall great storyline!

This was really good. The color, the backgrounds, the character just everything. The only thing that REALLY bothered me and kept jarring me from being completly immersed in your story was your choppy animation. It was great for the most part, but maybe smoothing it out would be good- your backgrounds are so beautiful that when you have animations on top of them they just dont mesh as well. You seem to be more of an illustrator than animator- but who am I to judge? This was still an amazing piece of art and I can't wait to watch what happens next. Great work!