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EDIT: Thanks for frontpage!

A blind man finds himself in a dark and treacherous place, he follows the mysterious cries for help, oblivious to what lies beyond.

Blind is a dark puzzle platformer where the player character is blind. You have to rely on your 'sonar' and a ball that you can throw to map out the level, avoid spikes, and get to that mysterious cry for help at the end of the level.


Arrows or WASD = Walk & Climb
Space = Jump
P = Pause
Mouse = Throw Ball (hold button to charge throw)
Q or Shift = Flip Switch
R = Return to Room Entrance


Art and animation by Peter Maslencenko aka idiot-monarch
Coding by Omar Shehata aka 4urentertainment
Music by Will Vaughan aka GelflingProductions

Sorry for the stupid dashes in the title. The name 'Blind' was already taken.

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the avatar is not going up all the way up the ladder

Interesting concept and idea here

I guess I'm a little late on reviewing this. but thought i would go ahead and get started on it now, and there were alot of fun and amusing things about this so dont know where to start but there was some nice and entertaining areas that i really liked. This was something differant and the idea was neat, i love the concept of thisand the music was nice, This was a fun game, but was too hard its one of those games you really have to take time with, but its still a pretty fun game i thought, the darkness really is part of the game, there could be more hint like options, but other then that this was alright. As i make an exit to this review I will say keep making interesting stuff, keep the creative mind flowing, and showcase them here, they are always a great pleasure, and i enjoy all your work that you showcase.

so far you have the right direction but maybe with some of these ideas i will suggest, that you can make some better results, So here are some possible things that you can tryout. This game was alright just a tad hard maybe youcould offer hints and cheats of some sort to help pass it somehow.

How do you beat level 12 ??

Great Game

I think the game is great.It's fun and I quite enjoy replaying it sometimes when I am bored.This game is made for us to see how is it to be blind and I think the idea is very intresting.Altought the end is a little sad and a little pointless for some of you after playing 21 levels,but I think the art,the music,the idea are great.It's very intresting and in my opinion it's more exciting than Closure.I have completed all the levels,but I just can't seem to find the secret basketball level...Can someone help me,I have been playing it for a week and can't find it.Is there really a secret level?What is it?How can you find it?If someone knows and don't wants to tell the secret then Private Message me with atleast a clue on what level it is or what you have to do to get on it.I mean Agame(A10) says there is one and even has an award badge for finding it.Can someone please help me?By the way-exciting game and great design.Keep it up!;D

EDIT 2018: Oh man, was I a kid at the time... :-/ Excuse me for the stupid comments, still enjoy playing the game. Keep it up! ^^

Glitch found...

The avatar kept on jumping, I've refresh for four times already but it still won't stop jumping.