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Author Comments

Transcripted is the first small project of Alkemi. Something we did mostly to prove to ourselves and others that we could wrap up a relatively small game prototype in a short period of time. While working on some bigger things, we will surely produce other similar concepts and improve them over time.

Your main goal is to disrupt a chain of some kind of strange DNA by creating groups of 3 or more elements of the same color . Sounds boringly familiar ? Well, there's just a catch : you'll have to do this while playing a shooter at the same time. Destroy biological hostiles, retrieve color cubes and aim carefuly.

As a small disclaimer, I'll just say that Transcripted may seem to some (maybe a lot) a bit hard. It's a weird mashup between a casual concept and a more hardcore one. A damn lot of action for a puzzle-game, a lack of weapon upgrades and boss fights for a classic shooter (though it may have some one day). The challenge is somewhere between the two, being able to plan your moves ahead of time, jumping from one invulnerability to the other...

You're in control of an advanced nanobiological defense system.
- move around with the keyboard [DIRECTIONAL ARROWS], QSDZ or WASD (whether you chose azerty or qwerty)
- aim with your mouse
- shoot by keeping your left mouse button pressed
- switch between your 2 weapons with either your mouse wheel, [CTRL] or [SPACE]
If you've picked up a cube, the next time you shoot you will launch the cube in the direction your pointing at.

When picking a cube the following will happen :
- you become invulnerable, you cannot collide with hostiles or bullets
- you become invisible to hostiles which will cease all activity
- you are slowed and unable to collect any other cube or bonus
- the next time you shoot you will launch the cube in the direction you're pointing at
- your energy gauge is fully refilled but will be consummed over time until you launch the cube

If you're energy gauge reach zero while you're carrying a cube, it will disappear.

As soon as you launch the cube or it disappears, you lose your invulnerability, you recover your normal speed and hostiles start to move again.

- Do not lose your time destroying hordes of hostiles and focus on the chain if you have cubes at hand.
- Use the invulerability offered by color cubes to move around freely among crowded stage.
- When approaching the limit try to always keep a cube at hand to spawn a Time Bonus (or more) when under 10 seconds !
- Cubes are a precious source of energy to use your electric bolt more often.
- Do not wait for combos to happen, create them from scratch if needed !
- Though it's not obvious at first, the best bonus of the game is by far the speed bonus reducing your movement penalty for carrying a cube. Go and get some with high level combos !

Have Fun !

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I was just about to say . . . . anyway, it does seem super hard. Fire rate and enemy spawn rate are so tight that there's no room for error even in the first level. Gives the impression like even if I grew some skilz the levels might end up being a matter of luck.

What The FUCK!?!?

I liked this game. But seriously!? I beat the final stage, and WHAT DO I GET!? ANOTHER FUCKIN' FINAL STAGE!! No power-ups, the life gain is almost non-existent, A boss character? Unneceasary. Those LAST enimies were RIDICULOUS. Fun game, but seriously, I'm convinced whoever made this game, made it that hard on purpose. I've beaten it. But at least give me an ending for my woes. Damn.

Krobill responds:

Hu, yeah I did this game, and I made it that hard on purpose indeed. Now, concerning the lack of proper ending... well, the game as you've played it is a scoring contest and sadly no more. Very good players beat level9 three times in a row and score more than 150 000. Can You ?
I have another and much more complete version in mind, but before an end it lacks a start and a middle with a proper story and much more content. We just need money to pay the rent and do it... working on that right now ^^
Sorry if you we're disappointed by the non-end. I hope will be able to correct that soon.

cool design

great picture


If this was what Zuma was ... It'd be downloaded on my PC.

i would give you more

awesome game with a great concept keep it up

Credits & Info

4.46 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2010
10:33 AM EST