Reviews for "Transcripted"


I very much enjoyed this game! At first I thought "Oh great, another cheesy shooter game." But no, I thought it was terrific how you combined shooting, with puzzle.
It provides a good challenge, the graphics are awesome, the gameplay is so addicting I was glued to the screen! Very good job!

That was Awesome!

Loved it.

Took me a while to figure out what I was doing wrong on those last two levels though. I finally figured out that you can shock yourself with the lightning bolt. Lightning is NOT a close quarters weapon XD

I had fun

good job keep up the good work!!


I f'ing love this XD


This is hardcore! Very hard, but a great game. I first noticed the great graphics, which seemed very realistic. The basic concept of the game was also very realistic in a sense that the structure of the game with DNA, viruses and white blood cells was very much like a true immunoactive system. Loved the game. One thing: it took me about 20 seconds before game over.