Reviews for "Transcripted"

Awesome mix

I love the game I'm just missing upgrades.

Great Mix

The mix between the game types is quite interesting and fun. The audio is amazing, and is of an quality that I would expect from a professional game.

The visuals are impressive, however I did have issues progressing in the game past level 4 due to the lack of a color blind mode. This seems to be a problem that is endemic to the puzzle genre.

While I have no experience in programming with flash, it would seem simple to add some sort of symbols to the sides of the cubes to remove any confusion of colors one may have.

Krobill responds:

Yeah I'm very aware of this problem. I have color blind friends and they did told me that already.
No, there's no simple way to add symbols on the cubes sides, or at least not without making the assets much larger in size. Something worse than not having a color blind mode overall.

I am very aware that is not a satisfactory answer and I feel a bit shamed about it. I already have a different color set in store which is supposed to be far better for color blind people (maybe not all of them...). Swapping to these colors is really fast and easy, but It doesn't fit with the look I want for the game. So I really have to implement an 'optional' color-blind mode. That's no big deal but we don't have the time to do this right now. Be sure, it will implemented the next time we go back to Transcripted dev !

too cool!

And from the music I'm guessing that the cell you play as is a malaria cell. O.o

Very awesome!

Great concept, nice graphics, relatively easy to pick up, but still challenging. Excellent.

A really good Idea

For ingenuity you get a ten. Its a great concept with the added bonus of being really fun. yaaaaay fun