Reviews for "Transcripted"

It Blew my mind!

The game concept is superb and game play was fun, yet a total madhouse at the same time. I understand it is hard after lvl 4, but you cannot stop yourself from enjoying it. The artwork was outstanding. It really surprised me to see my little blob in an area that seemed very realistic. The music complimented the game very much. I think the difficulty was mostly in the design, cause it blew my mind as i was panicking for dear life.

Very. Very great. You have potential!

Freaking Hard!

But I like it!

Great concept. Great mechanics. Great soundtrack. Great game!

Awsome visual, nice gameplay, pro feel, some flaws

Very nice game, the visuals are really stunning, good animations, nice consistent art style. The control is good, the gameplay is good, everything is pretty solid except difficulty. This is not really difficult because of learning curve or too much ennemy, it's simply visual. The DNA sequence is too disrupting, we don't see much else. Same goes for the player's, I lost it sometimes. presonnaly, I would dim the DNA sequence to make things clearer, and possible fade it back to full brightness when player get's a cube... might be one way to improve it, I dunno..

nice one anyway

Krobill responds:

The dark aspect of hostiles, is there to contrast with the very bright aspect of cubes. That's as much as I could do to allow good distinction between the two aspect of the game.
In fact, I did try to change the color of cubes wether you have one or not, but it doesn't work. You have to see correct colors at all time, to be able to plan in which order you will pick the cubes available to build combos.

You're totally right when you say the main difficulty of the game lies in its visual complexity. I've spent a long time thinking about all I could do about this. Now my favorite situations when I play the game are intricate clutters of monsters, cubes, and power-ups spread all across the screen. I most like having to plan my moves jumping from one cube / invulnerability to another while dodging hostiles and building combos even If's total visual madness. I guess I'm at peace with this 'flaw' because I think it's in the nature of this game or at least my implementation of it. I understand though that it wont appeal to everyone ^^


Impressive work. I love the puzzle, and the shooting. It gets very panicky after level 4.


really hard, i struggle to get past level 4 :( , very interesting game though, graphics are pretty good if not particularly neccesary, good background music, weird and realaxing, suits this game down to the ground. Probably never going to beat it buts its still good fun so good job