Reviews for "Transcripted"

ah my eyes

dam this was hard like idk if it was just that my computer is craping out but it was too slow. and after dieing on just the 3rd level i closed my eyes and it burned like hell now that is a sign of a good game. like i didn't want to blink that much idk but yeah it was great

great game

very nicely done enjoyable and nice choice of musice theres nothing wrong with it but i think adding a few more wepoans or upgards for enrgyand speed might make it more fun


I enjoyed the game, just wish there were more chances to recover health and I'd prefer the controls to be in the 'how to play' section, not buried in the author comments, but the game has good replay value and certainly for something put together quickly this is fantastic!

Krobill responds:

Yeah the control are explained in the first hint but if they're not enabled, you're kind of left on your own. I tried to keep the how to play section as Brief as possible. On a previous version of the game I beta tested with friends, a few would read the whole thing and a lot didn't get even the basics of the game... The complete rules of the games are in fact quite long because there's much subtilities tailored for the scoring aspect of the game.
For an example, to get health bonus that's how you do it :
- get a combo : the first time you reach a new combo level on each stage you get one of the special bonuses of the game (max health, max energy and speed which the best bonus of the game) The combo level determines which of the 3 you can access.
- get others combo : each time you create a combo of a level you've already reach in this stage, you'll get a health bonus to recover lost health.

So basically to heal, you 'just' have to queue level 1 combos which are pretty easy to achieve !

Very traquil

Its a good game to play when your stressed, its not fast paced which is good in this situation , the music is calming so it alleviates stress, and the graphics are soft smoth and gentle on the eyes, Great work

A great game with minor set backs...

This concept is completely original. I've never played a game like this before. *Big-thumbs-up* But I feel that the difficulty progressed too quickly. I think a primary problem is that the character moves slower than the enemies can shoot their weapons. The lack of speed does pose the biggest problem, because even though you're invulnerable while carrying the cubes you are still limited to the amount of time to shoot it before it disappears.

You did forewarn us in the "Author's Comments" that there would be a lack of weapon upgrades and boss battles so I can't be too mad about that. But you did include power-ups. These were a big help. I was disappointed that if you died once you were prompted to return to the menu- not a single retry. This takes away from the fun factor and the replay value.

Overall, the game is one of a kind and challenging. The music was very fitting, as well. I look forward to more.

Krobill responds:

Thanks for the comment and your understanding of the game limitations. This version must really be seen as a prototype of something hopefuly larger. We tried to make it stand by itself in a small amount of time. Today it's really nothing much more than a small casual game where scoring is the main purpose.