Reviews for "Transcripted"

Perfect for not-so-casual players ;)

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This is a very beautiful, professional looking/feeling game...and fun! I got caught up in it immediately. My ONLY complaint is that the sound effects are not very satisfying. The music is great, but the sounds are...meh.
Very nice.

Krobill responds:

I'll tell you why : a professional did the music and I did the sound FXs...
Though I try very hard to pass for a professional 2D / 3D artist and a decent developer, i totally fail at being a sound designer. My partner also very sadly lacks that skill ^^

great game

very nicely done enjoyable and nice choice of musice theres nothing wrong with it but i think adding a few more wepoans or upgards for enrgyand speed might make it more fun


Impressive work. I love the puzzle, and the shooting. It gets very panicky after level 4.

Nice graphics, good ideal

A nice game. Good idea to mix up 2 of the most popular styles of online casual games. ^_^