Reviews for "Transcripted"

fantastic game

Having all levels open from the start was a bit strange at the beginning, but you have to start at the earlier levels anyway to have a chance later on. A sequel with more weapons and maybe more structure (like walls or obstacles) and a story would be great.
My favorite part is the visual artwork. What program did you use for it?

Holy freakin wow

Nice game, I was pleased that- unlike some other cube games, the graphics were quite nice, nothing overdone. The thing that threw it over the edge and 2 the other side was the music. That is some quality music right there. Please let me know (in review) what song this is and how 2 find it. I would come back and give this game 5's every day if i got that music on my mp3.

Krobill responds:

Credit for the music is all Ian Blumfield / www.ibaudio.com
Ian is an incredible music composer with many skills. His prices for quality royalty free musics are barely believable. I am very aware that Transcripted owes much to the quality of his work !

Lovin' It

its gameplay is lovely, sound effects and music are hella nice too.

love it

Beautiful game, dificult and enjoyable ^^

A very well mix between shooter and puzzle indeed.

The gameplay is very unique and flash. Shooter + Puzzle is a nice mix up, and it performs very well here.
The music and graphic are just wonderful and polished. It builds up the atmosphere perfectly.
The flaws of this game maybe are lacking upgrades, "invulnerable time" when being hit, and the movement penalty for carrying a cube.
The later levels just being surrounded by swarms of cells and bullets, the lack of "invulnerable time" and movement penalty makes this game VERY hard even for just survival, not considering building combos.
Locking Levels can add to this game too. It is strange that you can play the last level right away at the beginning.

Krobill responds:

The game as it is today is more a scoring challenge than anything else. We didn't have the time to build a proper story mode though it's planned somewhere along the way.

Direct access to higher levels can be seen as a way to train only, because if you plan to make a real good score, you have to start from level one.

Just a word concerning the movement penalty. When you've really got the hang of the game, the first levels are an opportunity to easily get the best bonuses : energy max upgrage, life max upgrade, and DNA mode+. The last one decreases progressively the movement penalty for carrying a cube, and if you perform really well during the 5 or 6 first levels, you can reach the last ones with nearly no movement penalty at all. If you get enough, energy max bonuses the electric bolt becomes also vastly superior to the plasma gun which is not the case at the start.