Reviews for "Transcripted"




This is truly a unique game, I believe. I'm not surprised people call it hard (died on level 3), but it really just takes keeping your eyes open and using your head properly. Keep it up, I hope to see some classic puzzles with a twist in the future.

5 and 10. Most for the ingenuity, the rest for really smooth artwork and cool game.

ambient and beautiful

an amazing looking game with a unique twist. puzzle games do get boring after a while so i think it was i good idea from you to incorporate some action into this. song flows well with the game, everything looks calm. the main menu looked nice, making me want to play it even more, great effects with all the glowing. what i found that looked especially good was the dna blocks exploding. small learning curve but hard to master. i enjoyed this game

Nice game!

Nice visuals and fun with shooting and a bejeweled game style with matching colors together.


The game was stunning. The graphics blew my mind, the game play was interesting and hard to pause. I like how some cubes have downs and ups, too making the game more difficult. The effects on the screen are cool along with the enemies. But the game didnt seem to have a story or plot, and that made it a bit boring... but the fact that you can change levels and dont have to watch a freakin cinematic was better that some games. So, i think this game deserves a 10. Its amazing, fun and difficult. most games make it too easy or too hard but this fits right in the middle of both. And it has a fairly fast loading time and isnt all that hard on computers so there really isnt that much to complain about unless you just want to be rude or annoying. Overall, this game was impressive.