Reviews for "Transcripted"


Wow, something new!!... awesome music, concept, graphics..
The only suggestion i would have would be some UPGRADES..maybe speed boost, weapon damadge, even if they're temporary..

a lot of fun and well executed

the music really suits the game and the controls feel great. it's a very interesting concept of a puzzle and a shooter. incredible well made visuals as well.

my main gripe though is that with all of the visuals.. i lose my crosshairs a lot and don't know what i'm aiming at. maybe if the crosshair was a little more visible.

it's a great game but it is a little difficult. there's just too many things coming at you from all directions it makes it hard to focus on the task. maybe if there were less enemies on screen at once it'd be more fun.

otherwise.. really good job.

Hard, but very well made

It's very well made.


The music is great.

I wish I could give you suggestions for improvement. I found this game hard. Maybe there's something for you in there.


Woah, very shiny graphics, how did you make them?
Adobe After Effects or something?

Music gives a nice atmosphere, the game runs smoothly and is pretty challenging.

Maybe a bit too much puzzle for my taste, but I'd love to see more shooters in a similar style!

Krobill responds:

The graphics are mostly precalculated 3D (background, monsters, canals, cubes). The rest of the FXs are pure flash vector animations. There are a lot of Flash filters everywhere so bitmap caching and blitting is involved to make it run smoothly.

Its EXTREMELY hard... I like it...

Nice game, man...