Reviews for "Transcripted"

i feel like i played this already...

not really original...

Krobill responds:

you've already played this, like you've already played the different parts of this game in several games and didn't see the point in mixing them ? or... you've already played to some similar mix ? I am sincerly interested to see how different people may have handled a similar concept if you can point me toward it.

Amazing but...

Awesome Game but need upgrades diferent kinds of powers more enimies and more levels :D but great game and great grafics too try improve it in a second version

4/5 9/10
keep the good work! :D


Great concept, nice mash up between different ideas.
Though I liked the concept and generally enjoyed the game, I found it a bit tedious.
It's slow pace and feel (which comes from movement speed and sound) aren't a must have in this game. I think you've got the idea well down, but you might still need to play around with the concept - movement speed, powerups, sound and styling till you'll have the perfect product.
Anyway cool game, hope to see more!

Krobill responds:

I perfectly understand your point of view and even share some of it. A mix of things made it go that way : relaxed, slow paced (though wait to beat level9 from level1 to get what the game is all about). We wanted it to be not too much frantic action to be playable by a larger population. I guess we didn't even totally succeded because a large majority of people can't even finish level4 or 5 thus missing the real interest of the game.
Given time or a budget, we certainly could make it a far better game and I hope we will... probably on Unity3D rather than Flash (much more horsepower to make what we really want it to be).

very good

nice graphics, nice coding love the music, kinda hard to manage all but it is funny

Krobill responds:

Yeah I fell in love with the music of Ian when I heard it too. He's a great musician and sells his work at an insanely low price. So go check out his work at www.ibaudio.com

Not much to do

It's like a fancy version of puzzle bobble, and its very boring D:

Krobill responds:

It's closer to zuma than Puzzle bobble actually ^^