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High Scores
1. TodorSostar 20,492
2. MegaMax1000 20,481
3. Spidys 8,960
4. elmanu65 8,560
5. Deadlydojcak 8,545
6. pcats 3,350
7. nachoted 2,980
8. Hachados 2,635
9. ig23 2,570
10. stix9 2,360
11. TunahanDabanl 2,355
12. BBaaTTuuHHaaNN 2,195
13. LilSpartaz 1,885
14. dizzydued 885
15. dragon2157 20

Author Comments

Since people have been complaining, you can press P to pause (or tab in fullscreen)

Well here we go!

To make the game lag less:
1. Dim Lights.
2. Enter Fullscreen

It is highly recommended to play the game in fullscreen mode. It runs faster that way, and you'll avoid the "accidentally clicked outside the window" problem.

Instructions are in game.

Can YOU get the high score?

Tyler Glaiel: Programming / Design
Greg Wohlwend: Art / Animation
Tom Fulp: Sponsorship

Special Thanks:
mr-jazzman for having an awesome audio portal song that just so happened to fit perfectly with the game
Michael Welsh for supplying the AS3 highscore API
Everyone who played the game in beta and provided feedback
and YOU for playing the game now!


If you're a webmaster and wish to host this game, send a PM to Glaiel-Gamer or an email to glaiel games mail a.t. com cast d.o.t. net (no spaces)

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it was okay gets kinda repetitive after awhile but its okay

the game is pretty boring after wave 11 I got to bored to continue

This is a wonderful game concept. Have you ever considered making a mobile app of it?

I finished the game with 22552 score, 0 continue and 9332 life base

description says instructions in game. where? also how am i supposed to destroy the last ship in a wave?