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Reviews for "Tetraform"

Good game

A new creative idea for a game.

I've never seen anything like this

I think this is a great game, I never played something like this (I didn't even know what to do in the beginning) but I liked it.
Keep 'em coming ;)

slow overall gameplay

very well done, but the game plays out *very* slowly until the final two levels, where it suddenly jumps pace and the player is suddenly rushed with 100+ foes. Very nice work on the final boss. Game played smoothly and the game mechanics were sound. I'd recommend you have some bosses that look a bit different, however. (you have multiple species-looking smaller space-craft, but the bosses all follow the same general style). Planet development was a bit lacking, however. It was a unique concept, but I would have appreciated more steps to the terraforming process that progress at a faster pace. Also, some more plannet upgrades (IE: spike on chain, volcano-cannon, etc) would a welcome refresher from the current two. Some notification about what powerup you just got would also be usefull, I'm sure 95% or more of the people who got a nuke pressed the button to activate it when there were no foes on screen just to see what it did.

all in all: quite sound game mechanics, beautiful visuals and effects, and a charming presentation. Plenty of room for improvement, but that's true of every game.

Kinda dumb

I was hoping for more of a Spore kind of terraforming rather than an impossible kill things to survive terraform.

good game

its fun but u need a sandbox mode (tht would be cool + fun) wer u can let ur planet grow then defeat all the enemies u want then build again and destroy again and..............