Reviews for "Tetraform"


a simple game mechanic with ever more complex enemies. in the description beta testing is mentioned and it shows. the level of polish on this is amazing. it's an easy game, at least as far as i got, level 12 w/no continues, but the action is so fun it doesn't matter. i would have liked to have seen a save system though. i have no idea how long this game actually is but i would have liked to have finished it, but there's no way that would happen in only one sitting.

Mass field generator online, sir !

It is an interesting concept, but with the ability to tackle ONLY 2 targets at a time, in later levels it's beyond difficult, it's annoying...
There should have been at least some kind of anti-missile defense turrets.
When the screen fills with missiles, u know the game is over...
That coupled with the annoying mouse cursor that keeps flying off screen and u lose control of the edge scrolling and u have yourself a damn frustrating game.
The concept is cool, but it needs some weapons and a different edge scrolling system, like using the arrow keys for instance.

nice game

cool concept and fun gameplay!

I gave a ship the nuke =)

i completed everithing

this game is epic but if you are going to make a sequel please add upgrade mode at the end of the waves.
so u can upgrade nice and strange things.
and note about the final boss:
its easy to kill.
some of the other bosses are more difficult.


Good at first, but it gets boring after the first boss. 8/10 4/5