Reviews for "Tetraform"

No technical problems except for fulscreen being 480p, but thats just extra. Most gam fail to go this far anyway.
This is the best of each genre, I dislike this genre.
I enjoyed the game the difficulty was well placed, altough it could be higher.
Wave 7 is fine, you probably failed too much to be prepared.
The game doesnt have difficulty so some are left behind.
It's not difficult, insane or stresful, I found it very relaxing at all times.
The blure left behind enemy healtrails could be diminished, or atleast give option.
A useful ingame faq would be great.
For what it is: 96/100
Otherwise, It's probably just not so much your game.

good concept but gets way too hard way too fast.the bosses are overpowered.but good overall.

(flops arms up) DONE!

Very good graphic, very good music and mechanic, but if only I can make my own minions

Thanks for making an insanly difficult boss. No one knows how easy it is ta make a boss stupidly ass-huggingly hard, but you made a boss difficult, it takes skill to play this game. Good job.