Reviews for "Tetraform"

Fun game

But wave 7 was ridiculous. It actually ruined the entire game for me.

Very fun... but buggy...

Do not play this on a Mac... When you quit... the mouse disappears, and I do not know how I got it back... I guess I was lucky?

truly unique game; awesome

A great spin on a defense game. Love that you kept giving newer enemies to increase the level of difficulty. In addition the added challenge of getting the medals made this game very unique and fun.
On a side note for some reason i found the 3rd boss a lot harder than the final boss

Stale feeling

It was such an incredible game, with it's interesting gameplay and unique defence mechanism. The enemies were visually interesting and new ones were constantly introduced. It was so much fun... and then the last boss hits you. All goes well until his health is low. Then he just spams those time bombs that turn into missiles and there's no way to beat him, as he becomes too small to hit and too fast to follow with your mouse. It was such a jump in difficulty that it just left me with a sick feeling of disappointment that my fun had been spoilt so utterly. And then you have to start all the way at the beginning again. It was just such a letdown. The game would have been perfect if not for those dumb time bombs.
Otherwise, this is a unique and interesting game that you should definitely try. But good luck beating it.


Tons of fun! I just wish I wasn't playing this on a laptop. It makes things a little difficult. Either way, It's a great games to test your reflexes with!