Reviews for "Tetraform"

Too easy...

I made it through this game with no continues and it was basically a cake walk for me as I was only close to losing 2 times in the late game (I didn't actually lose, I was close but I recovered at an astounding speed as if I wasn't even in a tragedy) and the bosses were really really easy after I found out their weaknesses and I never got hit by any boss ever. I hope that the sequel will be harder and more fun than this game thats easy as pie!

Artistically impressive, but lacks drive

I like the graphics, the physics, and the basic gameplay mechanic, but it is SO SLOW. I didn't even feel challenged until after the second boss. I think it would be better if the enemies were faster and there was a smaller field of play (i.e. you don't have to scroll around hunting for them).

I love the game,and the best part for me was..

"You lose,good day sir."
That just made my day.

Good game

A new creative idea for a game.

I've never seen anything like this

I think this is a great game, I never played something like this (I didn't even know what to do in the beginning) but I liked it.
Keep 'em coming ;)