Reviews for "Tetraform"


i want to leave the game but i think the the same force that crush the space ship is sticking me to the computer


nice game it was fun the last boss was a pain though there should be more games like this one!!


this is neat and challenging!


Died so many times it not even funny!

Your new submission reminds me. . .

I've never reviewed this one even if it's one of my favorites. I've played gravity games galore before, space games, even games that have a teraformation element in them, but none quite like this. It does get a little tedius at times but oddly enough that didn't keep me from playing it for hours. It was enough of a challenge to keep me interested even though there are some points that peeved me. But those peeves are just because i'm not strong enough with the force to get a combo higher than times 3. Also those towers are about useless. The only thing they helped me with was combos. Seems like they're too hard to get for something that's really not of much use other than shielding from 15 + ships slamming into the planet at once (which can easily be avoided with a few well placed links pulling the closer ones away from the planet). Whether you're ever gonna work on this one again or make another like it, I don't know (although i would like to see a Tetraform 2). Actually now that i think about it, I use the towers a lot. . .just not in the way they're meant to be used. If they were easier to get i wouldn't be so sad when i accidentally destroy them for a combo.

On a side note, it's hard to get used to some of the quirks, such as the mouse sensitivity to movement of the screen but not impossible. The end boss battle is one of those tedious times i mentioned. The missiles are slow to reload and fire and they do so little damage. it takes a half an hour to kill it like that.

5/5 9/10 (never being removed from favorites list)