Reviews for "Tetraform"


i lovwed the game and watching the planet grow as more enemies were killed, i dodn't really understand the tall spikes coming out from the planet but still i played through, i completed the game but i think maybe a multiple click would be good or be able to store more than one nuke, but make these by having to buy them in the upgrade shop.

The design was simple and looked nice, the music didn't really bother me and the gameplay was fun and i like the fullscreen option.

Addictive and fun

That was a pretty stylish and original game. Kept me playing for quite a while. It has a very smooth and calm design and some pretty great gameplay. It was also pretty cool to see the earth grow from just a crystal to a full world with trees. Nice and calm. The music choice was also very smart, perfectly fitting for this game.

I like this game.

Simple, entertaining... good way to use up 30 minutes.


reminds me of spore

10/10 but one small problem...

The achivments are WAY crazy yo! Played the game for a good 40 minutes (public computer...can't stay on it all day...) and didn't get ANY...

Other than that the game was perfect.