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Imperium II

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Make some Buildings by selecting and placing them.

Once you have some soldiers you can order war, you can also move resources to another city and trade (import and export)

-In War Mode

You can order your soldiers to attack the enemy area, by clicking the type of unit you wish to send out.

- You will win the game if you have conquered all of the 96 areas. Good Luck..

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im willing to learn how to make videogames only to make good concepts like this better

needs a time booster liek in imperium !

yikes ccmu...lol. gg

Why the game is not popular anymore?

greast game buti got stopped in my tracks when i recieved 'NaN' gold.
i then transfered 'NaN' gold t another city an endd up with every city having 'NaN' gold, Wha is 'NaN gold anyway?

I thourght I'd bring this to your attention but other than that the game was brilliant.