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Reviews for "Imperium II"

it was alright

not as good as the first, you should try to improve it some

Extremely poor.

You can't move resources between cities?

War button doesn't work right. After you click ok it doesnt allow clicking others.

If you don't buy a market 1st you're screwed.

Attackers die when they get to the end zone? So if they don't have 80+ warriors you win by doing nothing?

Wow.. The balancing sucks. The gameplay sucks. The execution sucks. The whole game sucks... And this is your second attempt at it? You should be ashamed. This is no where near ready to release. You need to work on the obvious bugs and balancing first. Have you even tried to play it yet?

Good game ish

I liked this game but the resources would go into the negatives and I couldn't figure out how to 'rush' the enemy...

One more problem I had was the size of the screen or territory... Other then that really nice game :D I am going to fav this cause I know there will be a sequel right? I sure hope so! :)

It's impossible to start quick!

It takes long, long Time to build a Embassy...pitty

the Sequel is farly nice but....not good balanced.

Overall not so good like your other Games Dude :(


Fun game, enjoyed it alot but one thing that really crunched my nut was it won't let me play with 12 kingdoms! >:(