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Reviews for "Imperium II"

Well Done

At the begining of the game, your resources don't add up much. After a while, that problem goes away, but a new problem springs up. You have to move your resources though 5 cities to get them to the place you want. You should make it so that you could move resources to any city, no mater how far away. Also, later in the game, when you start to battle with barbarians and other cities, the placement of troops is too random. You should make it so that there are 3 spaces to place your soilder, or let 3 soilders go at a time, so they could fight off the enemy instead of just walking across, wasting themselves. A good game, but very slow (Takes about a day). Many people will think it is boring when a game starts out too slow.


it wasn't that bad but it was really boring x_x

Pretty good

A little to slow at the start otherwise a good game

i am disappoint

Imperium I looked good and I thought the sequel would have all the tweaks needed to make it a good game but you've somehow managed to make it worse.

1: The economy mode should really be turn based, no one wants to wait 1 minute for a day to pass when it takes 30 days or so before you start expanding your empire.
2: You need more information on the amount of resources produced per day and the productivity of buildings and their productivity if you upgrade them.

I like strategy games but this is tedious even for me and I agree with a lot of the people here complaining.

dude, the fail?

Takes forever to get started, once you do it takes forever to get an army, then it takes forever & you realise you really don't like this game & you quit.