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Reviews for "Imperium II"

Wrong Style

This is a good idea but it would have worked MUCH better as a turn based game. Its too slow for a real time

Simply annoying Timewasting and Boring

Why the hell did you make the game this slow?? Even a puzzle game is waaay faster than this thing. it took me 20 minutes to build a barracks, if it wasnt even longer.

almost what I was looking about


A Big Glitch

The game stops when I try to save the and causes the browser to crash after a while.

Mostly enjoyable

I have never been a fan of these kinds of games, but this was still pretty good. I guess it reminded me of the "SimCity" series, which I liked, so I guess my original point is silly. Anyway, the graphics were pretty good in this. You seem to be good at giving a very clear point, especially with the limits you could get with your levels. All of the different buildings were detailed well, although it would have been nice if the action came sooner. It is certainly a large thing and should satisfy many people's tastes.