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Reviews for "Imperium II"

Good Game

It was a good game, however the fact that my game crashed and I couldn't save it, and the lack of a 'speed-up' button really let it down. The music was fine and fitting, the graphics were nice too.



the music is so repetitive, i tried to switch it off in the menu but wouldn't work. Also I liked the appearance of the first game a lot more, this one just seems bland with no character.
I will try to play more but I don't think I can really be bothered sorry.


i wish i could save

very fun

the NaN glitch is something i ran into (infinity money, once you get an embassy its gg) but what bugs me is the fact that once you get to a certain point, every single triangle has 3+ catapults, even if they just pushed to a new area from the one you're attacking. you have a "once its this day, you're facing this many with these types" but the idea itself is bad in a game as in depth as this. That being said facing 12 everyone for themselves maelstrom is quite a bit of fun. I have created 3 catapults in the entire time i have played and i have every structure with barracks at nearly all my triangles for faster troop creation, but i still have to wait forever to even push out because every battle i fight is the same power level despite what would have to be a weakness in troop number. your clay production house takes clay to make, which is something you avoided with the others even if it was logical that it would take at least some of that, so in the beginning you had to build in a certain order if you started it on 1s across the board like i did. while the game itself is very addicting because of the kind of games i like to play, the fact that i'm facing 4 (now) catapults every round is disheartening, so with only 6/12 enemies remaining and holding roughly 1/6 of the map I'm ganna stop playing. (barbarians are holding an area on the other side)


If you can add a skip a day button and get rid of the NaN glitch then I will give you 10 mate but good game need imrovment