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Reviews for "Imperium II"

I dub thee, timewaster.

Any chance of a fastforward button? I mean, a faster fast forward?

lame victory bug

if you fight an army smaller 50 units, just dont send any units, your morale wont reach 0 and they will use up all your units trying to do so

ehh, could be much better...

i loved the first imperium, i was able to manuver everything well in it, when i first hopped onto this instalment of imperium i thought it might be as good of a game as the first, i saw the layout and thought "hey this might be good". i soon found out it was difficult to place my buildings the way i wanted, porportional values where off on for instance the gold mine and market, and the resorces coming in too slow. i quickly became bored with the game and keep thinking how much better the first was, there was actual land that u could see on the map instead of triangles that reveal nothing about the teritory! i hope in the future instalment of this game they have a better way to put things. all in all this game isnt as fun as i wanted it to be.


The original was much better. Adding the "Forbidden forest" was an idiotic idea. It is possible to have negative workers. Why do I need an embassy to import resources? Import=MARKET!! Go back to basics, I've never had such headaches trying to play the first...

Import bug made it way to easy...

Now I shall tell you all the import bug in 5 easy steps unless your brain dead then they wont be so easy 9.9
step 1 - buy an embassy
step 2 - click on import
step 3 - press back space removing 0 as the value for any of the solider units pick one you don't like ;).
step 4 - press import and your gold will turn to NAN
step 5 - change all values in import to 9999..ect and press import

remember never transport NAN soldiers your other city wont be able to go to war but you can transport inf amounts of food clay money...ect

I messed up my first city by some how many all my workers, money basicly everything NAN. i could buy/create anything i wanted but the city could not go to war, i just used it to transport goodies to the other citys then took over the world :)