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Reviews for "Imperium II"

My City: Athlum

It's so damn bad just waiting 'till resources come by... than another 24 hours more resources come but hardly any...The Barracks take quite some time to wait. and the palace should be a 3X3 place rathar than 2X3

Slow game to build

The concept of the game is appealing. However, you have to wait for the time to go by while you stare at your little town. It takes a while just to start making troops.

That and the flashplayer crashed when I was in the Options menu. Try it out, but its mediocre compared to other games here.


sort of a copy of civilisation bu not as gud


great game.
not to hard, not to easy.
the grapic is ok.
You have always stuff to take ceare of.
One word...LOVE it!


can't use elephants