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Reviews for "Imperium II"


My negativity=
-Battles suck they need more control not just click the unit button.
-When I defeated an empire their town was not there just their food supply.
-Whats the point of catapults when there are no walls?
-Really, its going to take take that much resource to research an ax? Come on.
-I cant upgrade the black smith!
-Why do I have to move my troops one land at a time cant there be a way to move them to another land that I own thats like 3 lands away? Having to click and type that many times is rather annoying.

-The world map makes sense, you cant reach someone unless you got land next to them.
-The resource move thing is a great idea, except that it also has the same problem in #6 negative.
-Overall a good empire game reminds me of Age of Empires a little.

:P first review in a long time

first off trying to copy the time orientation of the free online browser RTS style is kinda a cool twist i love them :X i got a few of them going right now XD any ways back to the game it self i got a few bugs to pick with ya :X

first off when building soldiers (sword axe spear archer) i get a NaN error(NaN shows up on the unimployed total and soldier total on the top bar and statistics when in world map) when i hit around 200 sword soldiers and i cant build anymore or use the ones that i had -,- its quite anoying i reset the game 3 times and it does the same thing over and over(it happens when i transfer to many resourse)

another is that horsemen dont take ANY pop at all O.o i can have 600 horsemen eazy and still have 600+ unimployed =,= again its weard !

another bone to pick with ya is to find out how much it is to build soldiers( sword horsemen ect.) and the upkeep for them if there is any which i think there is since i get nailed with the NaN error

and the last bone to pick and shame on u for missing it is MUTI-PLACE/LEVELING of buildings its quite anoying to need extra clicks to upgrade and place buildings -,- a sticky selection would have been alot better than reclick for placeing i can kind of understand the leveling thing for the start of the game but later on when u can transer over as many reso as u want and instantly build a city its kinda anoying

well thats my review >.> enjoy


To be honest.....this game wasnt anything compared to the first and just complicated the whole way this game seems to "Be"....to be honest i would say make it better by less structer and more gameplay....i really dont know how else to say it.
Hope for better in the future.

Its bleh



Great idea, but it took way too long to get going. I would have really enjoyed this if the 24hr timer was halved...

Really good graphics, etc. though... well done!