Knightfall 2

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Chicken To(k)night 10 Points

Roast a chicken using the flame magic!

Death From Above 10 Points

Perform a 3 x combo

Raconteur Of Riches 25 Points

Accumulate 10,000 GP or more

A Century Of Clashes 50 Points

Kill 100 enemies in a single game

A Veritable Knightmare 50 Points

Complete the game

One Chance Only 50 Points

Complete the game in one sitting, without quitting or dying

Sir Grindalot The Wise 50 Points

Reach XP level 10

The Order Of Thrift 50 Points

Buy nothing from the shop

Grandmaster Flash 100 Points

Complete the game in under 500 moves

Knightfall The First 100 Points

Complete the game only destroying groups of 3 blocks or more

Author Comments

Since defeating the devil, and getting the girl, things have become a little overdomesticated for our hero. Now that an annoyed Princess is forcing him out of retirement, an even worse threat is looming on the horizon, and you must help him ride out to confront it! With a hugely expanded world to explore, a new cast of nasties to slay, a rejigged magic system, more items than ever to pick up and exploit, Knightfall 2 is an epic undertaking...

In this fantasy puzzle-RPG, you must guide Knight around the board through a combination of destroying block groups and rotating the entire play area! You can lead him into battle against foul creatures, grab treasure, cast magic, and make a speedy escape with your spoils!

Embark on a daring adventure and drill your way across the kingdom! Because your wife made you do it.


It's taken us a while to bring Knightfall 2 to NewGrounds but we hope you think the wait was worth it - we've taken the time to fix a few bugs and make a few tweaks to the gameplay, as well as integrate the NG medal system. There are many differences to the original Knightfall including the ability to drill one or two blocks at a time, the ability bar, achievement explanations, a world map, new enemies and items, and many other things that we'll let you discover. Thanks for playing and we hope you enjoy the game!



PS. The "Order Of Thrift" medal and achievement should now work; apologies to any players that weren't able to get these in the previous version!


Flash Game? Should be a NDS game!!!

You know,this game isn't the best on NewGrounds because everyones taste is different,but it is THE MOST DETAILLED I've ever witnessed! The sound...ZOMG no words! It's sooooooooo chilling and relaxing.It's just perfect!
The graphics look like if it was a NDS [Nintendo DS] game! No for real,it is just way beyond splendid! The resolution is so smooth and ahh..I wanna hug the game x33

To Brantkings: You cannot recommend this game to everyone because not everyone likes puzzle games! But puzzle gamers MUST try it out ;)
Oh and the game saves! You can see that when leaving a town then in the right upper corner it is written: ''Saving...''

Btw the gameplay is good but I agree that it gets boring after a while! Especially playing the game through without quitting is hard in order to get this medal!
But the game is way beyond excellent with its story and overall atmosphere!
The achievements [both: medals and in-game achievements] are a CLEVER addition to it =) I love you so for this <3 I'm currently trying to get all of them^^

Also the eaves-drop messages are funny as hell^^ The player is like: wtf,who cares about this xD Also the voice of the bar keeper and the thief are ass crackers xD

My final note is that everyone should at least try this game out,and puzzle gamers will get hooked on this game like a fish on honey bread! lol^^

PS: Did you even consider to be game developers oO You sure have what it takes! I mean it for real O_O Anyway...keep up the good work!

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Probably the best game on NG

Outbreak or this one for best game on NG?Hmm. Both are incredible games but I prefer this one at least visually. From coder to coding team * respect* THIS is a crisp, well-polished piece of art, and it would be a sin not to see a DS conversion or something similar. It'd be nice to hear a success story or two on NG occasionally and on top of that I think KnightFall has the savvy to become commercially profitable.

I'm wondering, are the graphics and audio borrowed from old arcade games or something? I'm not blowing the whistle on you guys I'm simply wondering where I can get the same type of media for myself. My next game is heavy on the sprites and I'd be interested in knowing how to achieve a similar look to yours.

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Yeah! I did it! I finished the game! OMG it's a middle of night already, wow...


It took me hours to finish, but with 450k exp I did well! Thanks for ruining my evening, I was planning on making it productive ;)
And yes, a DS version of this might be nice! If you need contacts, I believe ronimo games in the Netherlands is always looking for good concepts. (they designed "de Blob" and created "Swords & Soldiers" for Wii and Wiiware). Google 'em up. They might help ya' out.


Niels (Aniforce.nl)

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Great game!

Great plot, I like the music behind it and I love the gameplay. I agree with those that would like a console version of this! 10/10

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Megadev responds:

Thanks for your comments; we'll see what we can do...;-)

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4.40 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2009
1:42 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 4th Place August 21, 2009