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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"


To me, this is the single best game on Newgrounds and I don't apply that title to just anything. You really have something here, but your probably know that. :)

It's the most fun, challenging, and enchanting puzzle/adventure game I've ever played. I love the music, I love the designs and the gameplay is so addictive.

The only thing I'd ask you to "improve" upon would be to make the overworld map have more of a point, like random battles and such. You kind of have to get lucky when finding treasure in order to buy many of the high end items in the shop, so limited battles really restricts how you spend your money.

Despite that issue, the game is still absolutely marvelous. I can't wait until future releases!

An even more beautifully enchanting game than #1.

This review is nearly a year late since Knight Fall 2's release of 8/20/2009, but atleast I'm doing it now. It took me a few days but I finally beat this game, I went to submit my high score, but the page had an error loading up so I didn't get to immortalize myself on the highscores board, this really sucks, I refreshed the page and it started working, but I couldn't go back and re-submit, someone should fix this, and since you can't replay the levels, well I couldn't redo the final boss, getting hosed out of attempting submit my score again, oh well.

Game beat? Yes.

Max character level: 34

My achievements awarded to me beating the game once so far:

1. Death From Above: Perform a 3x combo.
2. Sir Grindalot The Wise: Reach XP level 10.
3. Difficulty? Hah! : Complete the game.
4. Raconteur Of Riches: Accumulate 10,000 GP or more.
5. Miner 69er: Destroy 20 blocks in one drill.
6. A Mighty Magical Broth: Catch 3 Golden Mushrooms.
7. Deadly Gentry: Finish a stage with no enemies left.
8. A Century Of Clashes: Kill 100 enemies in a single game.
9. Creature Crisps: Take damage from 3 or more of the same enemies on the same turn. (Creature Crisps: Sounds like a sort of cookie, LOL!)
10. Chicken To(k)night: Roast a chicken using the flame magic!
11. Three Sheets to the Wind: Drink 10 pints! (Woah that knight must be drunk.)
12. Henpecked Homesickness: Visit the princess three times in a row.
13. Lazy Bones: Sleep at the tavern three times in a row.
14. Collector's Edition: Buy one of every item in the game. ( Fix this bug so it doesn't discourage future players, I feel I deserve this achievement even though I didn't get collector's edition, I bought every single item in the game and was never awarded this achievement, but I'm saying I got it anyways.)

Now for the game review: There definetely were alot of improvements to this game, I liked how you could visit the fairy shop multiple times, and re-visit it any time you like, breaking the limits of the first game. Speaking of the fairy shop, it reminds me of my fiancee of a little over of 7 years helping me out with items, because shes really into fairies and tree spirits, and the artwork of the fairy shop, all the trees and pretty much the whole background looks like the same exact art she likes to use, when making fairy themes, so thats really cool to me, giving me a nostalgic feeling, thanks for that, keeps me close to her even when we aren't always around each other.

I really liked how you could drill any block you wanted, you payed a heavy price in the beginning as it seriously strained your AP, drilling one block costing 5 AP, but after skyrocketing my character's level, I just felt like I could drill anywhere and not worry, its worth leveling up alot. Leveling up also helped out with fighting monsters tons, I leveled up so much in the endless dungeon and got a huge load of hitpoints, it made fighting a breeze, like I said above, its well worth it to level up, you'll be kicking ass in no time, just make sure you also earn enough money for the vortex armor, enemies hardly hurt you.

And the townsfolk were right, the ultimate enemy this time around was something far worse than the devil in the last game, but I managed to beat him, and thanks to the endless dungeon for nearly maxing me out (if thats possible), I probably wouldn't have stood a chance in the final battle without leveling. It took alot of strategy to beat that thing, especially if someone were to not level up enough.

Next time around, if your making a third game, make it to where we can free-roam around taverns and towns, free-talk to people, multiple shops we can buy from, and maybe even some new weapons from weapon shops, that would be cool to add to an already awesome game. But of course keep the fantastic dungeon levels puzzle-form, its doing a nice job, and thanks for working hard on this great game I had hours of fun with.

9/10 Stars. (fix some bugs I may have listed.)

5/5 Vote Panel.

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant.



It was fun.

I really liked the intro and ending. Okay, not so much the ending, but it was still nice.

The gameplay was certainly innovative and addicting. I struggled a bit at first, but I eventually got used to it.

There are two things I didn't like. One was how the extra places I visited or NPCs I talked to, none of them served any purpose to the gameplay. True, they were short, but I was kinda hoping for something there. Maybe a free item or two.

Two, I'm startled how you can set an achievement (thankfully not as a Newgrounds medal) as "Do not get hit for the whole game" or "Do not kill anything the whole game." I believe the game's too difficult for such an achievement.

But overall, this is a great game. If there's a sequel, I'd try it out.


I really liked the visual style and how the game merges multiple elements from different games like leveling up, buying stuff, puzzles and combat. It was very entertaining.