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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

Medals not being rewarded.

Awesome game, but the medals don't seem to get rewarded at all, despite having the achievements done in the game.

Any chance this will be changed so you can get the medals when you have the achievements done ingame?

Megadev responds:

They appear to be working fine for me - just tested "Chicken To(k)night". I didn't realise you had to refresh the page for the medal to appear though; could it be that?

deserves weekly irst

not weekly 4th. auther pleaserespond.

Megadev responds:

We're glad you think so, although there were some other big titles released on the same day. A mention on the front page would have been nice, but never mind! ;-(


I also like the quote of the thief "its mine" so funny

Not bad at all

Here I go again playing yet another Medals game, and it's of course driving me crazy how I can't get a lot of them (at least I burned that stupid chicken) but I did have fun playing. I admit that this is a very original game with a lot of interesting graphics and it was really fun when you got to kill all of those monsters. I'm stuck at the stage with the gray thing that appears in 4 different places.


The game is hard a bit, but it's really something that can kill time! Keep up the good work!