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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

The knight falls again

If you're bored from the typical level gaining and gear acquiring but still love the idea and would like to go through a story driven game without grinding your way out of a dungeon, then Knightfall 2 brings the different experience on your screen.

In this game you take the role of a Knight rescuing his princess (Cliche story ), but you do it in unique way featuring mixed action/rpg-tetris style gameplay. You never heard of it I know, and you must play it to understand it. Your Hero wields a drill-like pike (love the sound of that) that helps you drill through the bricks. If you land on your enemies heads you kill them, if you step in their attacking blocks then you must withstand their wrath. Your goal is to obtain a key and go through a door with it. The game seems to simple and too complex at times, but as you play it you'll realize that it is really balanced. There is a good tutorial for new and old players that helps a lot so you should read it. The game runs smoothly, the music is not bad, the background art is perfect but the art of the knight, his enemies and the bricks could have been much better.

But the idea beats it all. This innovative game is worth your time and will probably suck you in till you finish it.

And there you have it, a knight that keeps falling.
Make sure he falls to victory!

cool game

specialy liked the music.


i loved it and i loved the music to

an amazing second installment

i LOVED the first knightfall... i played the endless dungeon up to around stage 300 something and exp level somewhere in the 50's. been a while since i played it.

i'm very impressed by the improvements you made. the magic system fills nicely and not too slowly.. i definitely like it over using the scrolls in the first game. the accessories are great too. they add just enough to the game so it doesn't remain just a puzzle game.

the addition of being able to destroy blocks less than 3 is great and and the consequence of losing 5 AP for destroying 1 feels right.

i honestly don't know what to say to improve or add upon the game. i had a great time with the story mode.. loved all the new enemies and the bossfights.

incredible game megadev... can't wait to see a 3rd installment.

I've never played a better puzzle game

I NEVER thought I'd say this, but Knightfall 2 puts Tetris to shame.

The graphics are amazing, the story is generic, but nonetheless awesome, the

battle system is perfect, and... it's just cool.


Megadev responds:

Thanks for all of your fantastic comments everyone! :-) We might well be bringing another version of Knightfall to some new hardware in the near future - can't say too much here, but keep an eye on our site over the coming months!