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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

just an amazing game, better than the last, BUT...

... you made two big mistakes:

1 - You do not allow selling of items, so this prevents you from going in Endless Dungeon if you accidentally spent all your money;
2 - NPCs talk to you exactly the same way despite fact that you cleaned out certain areas AND even after you beat the game;

otherwise, this game is PERFECT!

hints and tips:
- try to use up AP to line up creatures in a row, then pile down on them. you can get disgusting amounts of extra XP that way. it will literally turn a few slimes into 1000s more XP.
- if you beat a board early, stand by the door (one square away), then use rest of AP to get rid of tiles until you have as much of ONE color tile as possible. destroy that giant group for huge XP values.
- make sure your first few items are NOT rings or anything valuable. if thief comes, he will steal them. it's annoying.


It took me hours to finish, but with 450k exp I did well! Thanks for ruining my evening, I was planning on making it productive ;)
And yes, a DS version of this might be nice! If you need contacts, I believe ronimo games in the Netherlands is always looking for good concepts. (they designed "de Blob" and created "Swords & Soldiers" for Wii and Wiiware). Google 'em up. They might help ya' out.


Niels (Aniforce.nl)

Great game!

Great plot, I like the music behind it and I love the gameplay. I agree with those that would like a console version of this! 10/10

Megadev responds:

Thanks for your comments; we'll see what we can do...;-)

One of the best

By far one of the best games I've played, console, computer, or otherwise. Replay value is extraordinary The characters and game play are dark and humorous, but challenging none the less. Can't wait for a sequel, thanks a lot for the awesome game. (It should be on the DS, just saying.)

Amazing game... One of the best I've played here.

I have a question though. In order to get the medal for not buying anything in shops does using the inn or getting a drink at a pub count as buying something or can you still get the medal?