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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"



solid concept

great gameplay, intresting atmosphere. a new twist on the puzzle quest experience. seriously you need to look into doing something more with this game.


It really really sucks that I played this on armor games before it came here. I will have to replay the game here to get the medals. The only positive thing about this is that the game is so fun for me to play and it has replayability that I might come back later and play it. I favorited this to make it easier to find later too. As far as the game goes I love how you gave the ability to drill smaller colored block areas. It is still challenging but it widens the possibilities and ways that you can beat a level. The game also takes a lot longer to beat than it's predecessor and the storyline for this one is much better in my opinion. I found the sound effects for the drilling to get annoying but the option to turn sound effects off resolved this problem when I found that. Great job overall and i'd like to see other unique games from you guys.

Oh my god!

I played Knightfall 1 and absolutely loved it. The game play style is so unique and fun to play with. Knightfall 2 really enhanced that. This is now one of my favorite flash games of all time.

But there are still some things done wrong in the game.
-Items like rings and crystals take up space in your inventory. Usually you would were these items to keep them from taking up vital inventory space.

-The inability to sell items you do not want also kinda sucks.

-Lastly, not being able to go back to previously entered places kinda sucks also. I would enjoy going back to the first stage after completing the game just so I can see how powerful I have gotten in the game.

Fix these issue and the next installment (If there will be one) will be perfect.

still awesome

being able to replay old stages would be a big help, esspecially after beating it the first time. otherwise, the only way to get more money is in the endless dungeon, which costs atleast 1000g, and without atleast 1000g, you're stuck doing nothing.

still, its an awesome game. will there be another sequel?