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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"



i dont now what i need to say

this game is the best game i ever playd great job

Superb game

This game has full screen mode, which is super cool. More flash games should have that. Further more it is a joy to play with a nice little story too.

This should be on the Nintendo DS

You deserve an award for this or some sort of cash bonus. I seriously see this on an actual console. I saw the previous as well.

Knightfall 3 on the DS :3

A Huge Improvement Over the Already Great Original

You turned a pleasant distraction into a sprawling epic. This really feels like a great 16-bit puzzle game with the graphics and overall tone. Besides just scale the addition of the ability to remove just a single block but lose more AP adds a whole new level of strategy without diluting the challenge. Just an amazing piece of work.