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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"


This seems to be a game some people would even pay to play it, loads of fun! but there is only one small thing I miss from the last version was the pictures you get when clicking the monsters, but there is many other things better then just that. hope you dont stop making games any time soon!

Megadev responds:

We were sorry to see the monster portraits go too, but the game file was already pretty huge at over 9MB and something had to go! :-( If we make a Knightfall 3 then we'll do what we can to get them back in there; thanks for the feedback!


This is a vast improvement upon the original Knightfall (namely to the AP system and the ability to not... well... end up completely stuck in a corner with no moves to make). Fantastic stylization, unique gameplay... I practically forget that I'm even playing a flash game.

Megadev responds:

Cheers, glad you're enjoying it. :-) Funnily enough, I find it almost impossible to play Knightfall 1 now having spent a few months developing Knightfall 2 - it makes me realise just how tough the first game was!


I'm actually having fun with this game. The first felt like I was trying to play a game of intensely difficult Collapse. Cheers to the much appreciated changes!

Megadev responds:

No worries - it's hard to get things right first time when coming up with a new genre (or genre mashup at least), and Knightfall 2 is all about addressing that and adding loads more features for those who've played the original. Hope you continue to enjoy it. :-)

"If something isnt broken why fix it?"

Does not apply to this amazing acheivement of a game! You have done nothing but improve on the previous game to make something of pure epicness.

The first game had its minor flaws but you were able to completely remove them and still keep the game challenging and fun.

For that I give you a 5/5 and 10/10

keep up the creativity and I'll keep up with the 5's!

Megadev responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :-) I think a few people found the original game quite tough, but we've tried to smooth out the difficulty curve a little more in Knightfall 2. We've got loads more ideas so expect more creativity from us very soon!


nice game so far