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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

:P 5/5 8/10

In the tutorial, the part where if you lose all AP then lose all HP just by drilling made me quit... The RPG system didn't seem that much of a interest.
I can tell this game has a good plot... but yeah...

Hey, you made a sequel without me!

Rather, you made one and didn't tell me. Oh well, you can't keep track of every fan of the game.

Presenting Knightfall 2, which has more content, more gameplay, and more actual story involved than the previous game! The same fun and addictive style is here, but it has alot of cleverly added-on stuff. Also, it is funnier and definitely more challenging. However, you control the times in which you can go buy stuff, rest at an in, and so on.

'Tis quite good and all that!

Megadev responds:

Sorry mate! The last few months have been insanely busy for us and I completely forgot to let you know - glad you're enjoying it though! :-)


Make the game longer, more enemies, more options, better story and character pictures while talking in storyline and you can sell it for nice money as a retail full game for PC and consoles, not only as a flash game on web sites

3 days playing

and counting!
what I would wanna know is what's te story with his wife with that ending.
and AAAAAAAAAAAlll that treasure
I wanna see if I can get the order of the thrift medal. I loved the story
the graphics, music and gameplay.

LOVE it =D

The music, gameplay! ALL, and HEY! I finished a stage DYING [I had only 1hp and used it to break a block to reach the door, and had no ap so I would die, but I REACHED the door and DIED, but passed the stage!!! XD] Funny thing is, next stage, I was alive, but with 0hp =D

HP: 0/42 awesome ;D