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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"


It`s the greatest mini game I ever played !!!!!

Just so wonderful!

Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this!
Great additions, I only wish you could interact with the random people at those miscellaneous bridging locations.
But, awesome game!

great game

great puzzle game, i c many improvements over the first one, but one thing i dislike the game is that solving a lvl fast seems more like a penalty more than a reward since u dont get as many exp.


A great and innovative game! the artwork is very well done, and the controls are pretty easy to understand. An awesome new video game concept i've never tried before. like i said, great game, i just wish i was a little better at puzzles. HA

Probably the best game on NG

Outbreak or this one for best game on NG?Hmm. Both are incredible games but I prefer this one at least visually. From coder to coding team * respect* THIS is a crisp, well-polished piece of art, and it would be a sin not to see a DS conversion or something similar. It'd be nice to hear a success story or two on NG occasionally and on top of that I think KnightFall has the savvy to become commercially profitable.

I'm wondering, are the graphics and audio borrowed from old arcade games or something? I'm not blowing the whistle on you guys I'm simply wondering where I can get the same type of media for myself. My next game is heavy on the sprites and I'd be interested in knowing how to achieve a similar look to yours.